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Look Good.

Feel Good.

No minimums. 


Timeless raglan cut.  Race or Club cuts for men and women. 

100% Recycled fabrics. Modern cut. Beautiful.
Paul's Enduro
Merino wool blend, button up.  Perfect for gravel. 
Windproof. Packable. One zipper pocket. 

Windbreaker. The Gilet with sleeves.

For grey and wet Pacific Northwest days. Perfect for cyclocross pre-race warm ups.  


Baggy but fitted. Soft but tough. Short or 3/4 sleeves. 


Classic,. Premium Italian chamois from Elastic Interface. . 

Lay Flat Bibs
Compression and smooth, lay flat straps.  Premium Italian chamois from Elastic Interface. 
Textured aero fabrics. Premium Italian chamois from Elastic Interface.  
Premium Italian chamois from Elastic Interface.


For early season grass crits.  CX chamois from Elastic Interface. 

The go-to 'cross skinsuit. Long sleeves. CX chamois from Elastic Interface.
Long sleeves. Fleece-lined. CX chamois from Elastic Interface. 

Other stuff...

Grind Cap
Best worn under your helmet. 
Arm Warmers 
Your puny T-Rex arms deserve some warmth too.
5.0 Gloves 
Fulll finger gloves. 
2.5 Gloves
Half finger gloves.

Our story. It's not much of a story. We just love riding bikes.

We love bikes and I bet you do too. 
Riding makes us smile. We love the people we meet on group rides and out on the trails. We have an extra warm spot in our hearts for the riders slogging through the mud and muck of a cyclocross race.
Hup hup hup! is shouted at cyclocross races to encourage racers as they suffer between the course tape. HUP embodies this ethic of encouragement and wants to make riding as comfortable and stylish as it is fun.
Your clothing should encourage you to take the long way home.
So why HUP? HUP’s garments are made of excellent fabrics sourced from Europe and Asia. We use sweet-ass chamois and offer a fit designed for support and style. Your custom artwork is the icing on the cake. Slap in some chamois cream and get out there and ride.

How it works.

Step 1. Talk to us. Let’s talk about what you want.
Step 2. Design. We take your ideas and design something unique and beautiful. We can also give you the blank templates for you to make your own vector art. It’s up to you.
Step 3. Design approval, order confirmation, and payment.
Step 4. Construction.
Step 5. Delivery is typically 5-6 weeks after step 3.
Step 6. Sweat and happiness.